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Me and Mr. Bee

I was watering my gajillion plants this morning like I always do. I could not help but notice.......


The bee is there everyday buzzing around, and was kindly moving around me as I did my watering chores. He did not bother me, he did not buzz my head, but he calmly just moved to another plant. 

Two things about this:

He has every right to be utilizing the plants sweet nectar as I do to water my plants.

We have learned, the bee and me, to get along. To allow each other to go along with whatever we are doing and not bother one another.

See, I am allergic to wasp stings, so I tend to be very cautious around stinging things. 

I will look forward everyday now to seeing my bumble bee with a new outlook on how blessed I am to have this little fellow buzzing around. 

I wish we as humans could share this same perspective. What a better world it would be.

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