zebra trunkster
Zebra Trunkster
Zebra Trunkster
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Zebra Trunkster

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Tired of groceries rolling around the back of your trunk? The floor of your car filled with junk? Organize your life on the road, Trunksters are made to handle hefty loads!

Don't forget these make really handy storage bins on the house too! Knitting, crocheting, kids toys, magazines, a ton of uses! You can even put outside and make a decorative planter! The possibilities are endless! The really great part tho, the fact most all your groceries will fit in the trunkster bag and the man of the house can just pick up the whole bag and bring in the house!

This large, 3 compartment trunk tote keeps everything neat in the car. Heavy duty recycled non-woven materials, 2 side net pouches and nylon straps help you at the grocery store, with all the kids activities and more. Two end pockets for even more roomish.

Dimensions: 26" L x 13" W x 14" H

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